KidSuper and Upcycled Fashion are Here to Stay

It may not be a huge surprise to anyone that we are all huge fans of rework fashion. We love to see designers take vintage pieces or simply old pieces of clothing and creating something new.  This year Paris fashion week did just that, highlighting sustainability as an integral part of fashion’s future. In our last blog we discussed how Haute Couture designers are creating new technology in fabrics to create a more sustainable future.  This week we’re appreciating sustainability in a new way, artists taking old fabrics and pieces and creating new unique designs.  You may have already been familiar with the creator of KidSuper, Colm Dillane’s label that does just that.

Colm Dillane, founder and designer of his brand KidSuper is one of this year’s LVMH Young Designers of 2021 Finalists. Dillane was born in Brooklyn New York and started KidSuper as a T-Shirt brand, drawing on donated T-shirts. Dillane has described his brand as a ‘canvas for this art’ he says, “If I draw this you’re not going to buy my painting, but you’re potentially going to buy a T-shirt. So that’s how I got into it.”

Back in 2019, Dillane produced an interactive installation and recycled runway show.  He sourced clothing from donations around the greater New York area and had guests draft up concepts of their one-of-a-kind designs inspired by these piles of fabrics and textiles. Afterwards artists were to take these designs and bring them to life. These designs were a part of KidSuper’s Assembly Line installation, as well 41 of KidSuper’s unique looks. Dillane has only elevated his designs and sustainable efforts since 2019, obviously making him one of this years LVMH’s Young Designers Finalists.

KidSuper is fresh, new and sustainable, everything from his ad campaigns, to his the commitment to “create, donate, and upcycle.” At Deals on Designers we want to create a space where consumers can come and find inspiration from used textiles and style or create something of their own. We always want to highlight young designers that are doing this as well, so keep a look out, we might have some young talented artists for you to discover right here…

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