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Everyone has their own wardrobe that curates from their own personal style. With all of the different types of styles out there, no wardrobe is exactly the same. However, there are a handful of pieces that we definitely recommend everyone incorporating into their wardrobe. And while these select items might be a little on the pricey side, we consider them wardrobe staple pieces that are one hundred percent worth it because you will for sure get your money's worth.


Leather Jacket 

Probably the number one on our list of splurge clothing items that we think are worth it, a leather jacket. We can guarantee that if you shop smart and splurge on a leather jacket, it is going to last a decade and serve as an everyday staple piece. When it comes to shopping for something like a leather jacket, because it is going to last so long, you need to think into the future and be sure that you are still going to like it and be into wearing two, five, ten, years down the road. 


The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

A very close second to a leather jacket, the perfect pair of jeans. This too is something that when shopping for, you should be thinking ahead a little bit. Make sure that you pick a shade and style of denim that you do not think will go out of style or that you will be able to see yourself wearing in the future. Also, think about what type of jeans you currently wear, if you have not worn skinny jeans in the last 6 months, do not opt for a pricey pair of skinny jeans.


A Wool Sweater

While we typically recommend cheaping out on clothing items that you cannot wear every day, a good wool sweater is a totally different story. You can count on a wool sweater not getting ruined, losing its quality (if taken care of properly) and all around just remaining perfect until the day you decide to part ways with it. Some added bonuses are that it is fashionable, comfortable and will keep you warm all fall and winter long.


Fall Boots 

Getting a hold of a perfect pair of fall boots in a no-brainer. Especially if you grab them in a classic color such as black. And do not fret or get insecure about wearing them basically every single day because everyone is probably doing the exact same. The most important tip when shopping for these is to make sure that they are comfortable. You definitely do not want to underestimate yourself and end up walking the streets in four-inch heels on the daily. 


Staple LBD

When most people hear LBD, they immediately think about wearing one on a night out. Not everyone thinks of a little black dress as something you need in your closet. But, this piece does not just need to be for going out and hitting the town. If you purchase a good one that can be either dressed up or down, you have it as an option for going out, but you can also wear one on a random Tuesday with sneakers and look just as good.


Investing in these pieces will save you from a lot of shopping trips that result in you buying items that you are not in love with, are buying just to buy because we all love instant gratification and worst of all, are most likely only going to wear once if that. Although these items can be a bit more expensive, it may not seem like the smartest decision financially but when you think about it, it really is a good move in the long run for those who shop on a budget.

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